Le chantier des gosses (Jean Harlez, 1970)

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The Marolles is a playground for kids until one day workmen shake up the neighbourhood. The children declare war on them. A film about Brussels in the 1950s, in collaboration with the inhabitants.

Le chantier des gosses (Jean Harlez, 1970)

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Intimate and personal portrait of the Belgian film archive, CINEMATEK. The film talks of cinema and time in the form of a visual symphony in which a hundred films partake in a unique journey.

Jan Vromman,

With the last ship launched from the Boel shipyard in Temse, the construction of seagoing vessels in Belgium came to an end. This three-part documentary chronicles an industry and the social struggle of its workers.

A documentary about Gigi and Monica, two street children living in a train station in Bucharest. Monica is expecting a baby. Gigi wants to leave the obscurity of the street and tells us his dreams.

A film adaptation of two choreographies by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker to music by Béla Bartók: Mikrokosmos and Quatuor no. 4.

A carefully made film, offering an intimate insight into the lives of Rosie, Sami, Irakli, and Nathan, four children with different educational needs who are going to regular schools. 

Jeanne Dielman, a lonely young widow, lives with her son Sylvain following an immutable order. However, something happens that changes her safe routine.

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Le grand paysage d’Alexis Droeven (Jean-Jacques Andrien, 1981)
Le grand paysage d’Alexis Droeven
Jean-Jacques Andrien,
Quand les hommes pleurent (Yasmine Kassari, 1999)
Quand les hommes pleurent
Yasmine Kassari,
R... ne répond plus (Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne, 1981)
R… Doesn’t Answer Anymore
Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne,

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