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I comme Iran (Sanaz Azari, 2014)

Filmmaker Sanaz Azari learns to read and write in Persian, her native tongue. Gradually, the language lessons on Iranian culture turn into a poetic collage that questions the concept of freedom and the meaning of revolution.

Soy Libre (Laure Portier, 2021)

Soy Libre shows Arnaud's insatiable desire for freedom on a nearly ten year long quest, which brings him from Northern France to Spain to Peru.

To The Sea (Annik Leroy, 1999)

Leroy’s black-and-white images travel along the banks of the Danube, recounting the history of a disintegrated and devastated Eastern Europe. A film that oscillates between a poetic dream and a historical travelogue.

Ma'loul Celebrates Its Destruction (Michel Khleifi, 1985)

Only once a year, the original inhabitants of Ma'loul are allowed to return to their Israeli-occupied village. Khleifi documents how the history of this place lives on in the present: in the memories of the old generations and in the imagination of their children.

Fertile Memory (Michel Khleifi, 1981)

Lyrically blending both documentary and narrative elements, Khleifi skilfully and lovingly crafts a portrait of two Palestinian women whose individual struggles both define and transcend the politics that have torn apart their homes and their lives.

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Inside the Distance (Elias Grootaers, 2017)
Inside the Distance
Elias Grootaers,
Not Waving, But Drowning (Elias Grootaers, 2009)
Not Waving, But Drowning
Elias Grootaers,
Spectres (Sven Augustijnen, 2011)
Sven Augustijnen,

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A Roma family lives in the vacant Gesù convent in Brussels. As Desiere is working on a fiction film with them, a real eviction of the residents becomes more and more likely.

Muntpunt, Brussels
Q&A with Ruben Desiere + Thomas Dawance

The Marolles is a playground for kids until one day workmen shake up the neighbourhood. The children declare war on them. A film about Brussels in the 1950s, in collaboration with the inhabitants.

Cinéma Nova, Brussels