Loredana Bianconi

Loredana Bianconi (1954) was born in Belgium and studied applied arts, philosophy and literature in Bologna. She also followed theatre courses at the Nuova Scena. Bianconi then turned to the audiovisual scene and made programmes for RAI 3, as well as documentaries such as La Mina (1989), Do You Remember Revolution (1997), Devenir (2004) and La vie autrement (2005).

Loredana Bianconi accompanies her friend on a job search. At 45 the quest is anything but a thankless task. Devenir is about more than the odyssey to a job; the documentary reflects on solidarity, old age, beauty, autonomy, happiness and utopias.

Four women defy the law of silence and speak out in  both frank and accurate fashion about their years as members of the Red Brigades, the largest communist terrorist organisation in post-war Italy. A personal discourse, averse to any myth, slogan or apology.

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