Yasmine Kassari

Yasmine Kassari (Morocco, 1970) is a Belgian-Moroccan film director and screenwriter.  As a teenager, Kassari moved to Paris where she graduated from high school and spent a year studying medicine. Then she decided to devote herself to cinema and enrolled at the INSAS in Brussels. As a student, she also worked for the production company Les Films de la drève. In the 1990s, she directed three short films. In 2000, she directed Quand les hommes pleurent, a documentary on the illegal immigration of Moroccan workers to Spain. In 2004, she made her first feature-length fiction film entitled L’enfant endormi with which she received several international awards, such as the Audience Award at the Premiers Plans festival in Angers in 2005.

Every year, thousands of Moroccan men cross the Strait of Gibraltar to reach Spain illegally. This documentary goes beyond mere testimony and analyses with clarity and poetry the reasons that drove them to leave their homeland.

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