Online Première: Boris Lehman

On Wednesday 13th of January, the VOD-platform Avila will make Boris Lehman's films Looking For My Birthplace (1990) and My Conversations on Film (1995) available to a worldwide online audience for the first time. For the last forty years Boris Lehman has been an exceptional presence in Belgian’s cinematic landscape. In his autobiographical oeuvre, he maps out his own life and that of the inhabitants of his city, Brussels. In all of his films Lehman attempts to define his own style of cinema, an endeavour that has led to an oeuvre made up of more than five hundred films.

His film Looking For My Birthplace will premiere on Wednesday evening, January 13th, at 8.30 pm CET. On this special occasion Avila will make 250 coupons available to every viewer worldwide, with which the film can be viewed for free. When the limit of 250 coupons has been reached, the film will remain available for rental on the platform. Looking For My Birthplace is French-spoken and subtitled in English and Dutch.

How does it work?
- Go to on Wednesday 13 January from 8.30 pm CET.
- You will find a COUPON button on the image of Looking For My Birthplace.
- Click on the COUPON button to activate your ticket.
- The film is now available for viewing. You can watch right away, or anytime within the specified viewing period of 3 days. 
- When the limit of 250 coupons has been reached, the film will remain available to rent on the platform together with My Conversations on Film.


Texts on Sabzian
On the occasion of this release Sabzian, the Belgian online film journal, translated two texts, ‘Why Boris Lehman Makes Fiction Films’ and ‘A Second Century for Cinema. The Films I've Made and Don't Exist’ into English. Sabzian previously published an extensive dossier on Boris Lehman's cinema which is available in Dutch and French.


Introduction on Looking For My Birthplace
By Boris Lehman, filmed and edited by Nina de Vroome